Before travelling on your own, we usually research a trip destination, check out the details of a place we are going for a vacation or weekend: its history, customs, culture and, of course, read the reviews of those, who already have been visited it.

In this blog, we would love to share our guests ‘ impressions.

Romance is multifaceted. Someone imagines a wonderful candle light dinner in a chic restaurant, with the best cuisine, live music and awesome bouquetes of roses. To others, romance means those comfy old movies nights together, drinking hot chocolate under the soft blanket. Or may be you are one of individuals, who considers romance as a summer awakening to the nature sounds in a tent near the river with the smell of a campfire.

Surely, everyone has own romantic scenario. And we offer you one place to all the romantic dreams come true. No need to drive far from the city. This is a special romantic retreat of the Moscow suburbs, ideal for a beautiful weekend getaway. Nature recreation in the ultra-modern house made of shipping containers. You get here only the best romantic memories.

снять коттедж на выходные в подмосковье

Twix – House

Great ideas on country vacation with your beloved one.

Our ultra-modern house for two is quietly situated in 15 min drive from the subway station Teply Stan. Just 15 minutes and you will escape from traffic jams, high-rises, millions of hurrying and sad people. Here you find long-awaited retreat with an amazing lake bank, woods and fields all around.

Twix-House is the best place to have a perfect recreation together on weekend.

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