Sauna and font

Thanks to the Himalayan salt and natural jasper salt panels inside the stove, our Finnish sauna brings you incredible relaxation to make you forget about all the sorrows and problems. And that refreshing font fills you with strength and energy.

аренда дома в подмосковье с баней посуточно
активный отдых в подмосковье на выходные

Horseback riding

We can book horses for your photoshoots or horseback riding.

 A boat

Just take a look at this snow-white boat! The best thing for your professional photo shoots or romantic walks along the picturesque lake. Surely it brings you lots of pleasant emotions.

семейный отдых на природе
база отдыха домики на берегу

Picnic on a lake shore

You can arrange a wonderful picnic on a lake. Take some food and drinks – wine, cheese, fruits, bread – and enjoy the perfect romance in nature.

Counting stars

To make your weekend more romantic and even magic we offer a professional telescope and a map of the starry night sky.

хорошие дома отдыха в подмосковье с бассейном
куда поехать на рыбалку


Spinning, feeder or float, – what are you going to choose? For any fishing enthusiast, we have a list of tips and hints about special places, and so we can share many years of fishing experience on the Cherepovets lakes with you.


To cook it you need to bring coal and meat. All the other stuff for the best barbecue in nature you find in our house.

снять номер сутки недорого
куда поехать на день с детьми

Silent mushroom hunt

Mushroom pickers and woods enthusiasts will also be in their element right here, in 100 metres from the twix-house. There are lots of chanterelles, rough boletus and agaric honey in the forest nearby.


You find here a plenty of fantastic locations to make your shooting better than ever. Also, we provide amazing decor for photoshoots and we are ready to recommend you really cool photographers.

идеи романтического вечера


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