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Romantic vacation for two in the suburbs

Romantic vacation for two in the Moscow region

Early rise, quick breakfast, traffic jams (or metro), work. And in reverse order of the subway (or traffic jams), a quick dinner. And the day passed… For most of us, this is how most of the year goes. And so I want to escape somewhere, but the vacation is only 28 days a year.

A sad prospect? However, a romantic weekend can save the day!

Just a 15-minute drive from the Teply Stan metro station is our ultra-modern house for two. Just 15 minutes – and there are no traffic jams, high-rises, millions of hurrying and sad people. But there is solitude, the shore of a beautiful lake, forest, endless fields.

The sea container house, designed with the participation of European designers and military engineers, was built in 2020. Located on a separate plot with its own territory, no prying eyes, no talkative neighbors. Twix-House is the perfect place to relax with your husband for the weekend.

A house made of sea containers, designed with the participation of European designers


снять большой дом в москве

база отдыха домики на берегу

Around only coniferous forest, lakes, and harmony with the surrounding nature.

The romance of country life in an eco hotel

The house has everything you need to relax and enjoy the silence, the singing of birds and, of course, each other. A small fireplace will create a warm and romantic atmosphere. For those who like it hot – Finnish sauna with salt panels and natural jasper. And next to the house… a cold, year-round font. The experience is unforgettable!!! Although, for those who are not ready for extreme, the water in the font can be warmed up.

After such a shake-up, you can relax in the house or in cozy cocoon chairs on the street. For the most curious, we have a professional telescope and a map of the starry sky – yes, this will be the most romantic vacation for two!

Well, in the morning… in the morning it is so sweet to wake up to the singing of birds, have a leisurely breakfast (there is a kitchen with all the necessary accessories and appliances), walk around the neighborhood or sunbathe, you can fry shish kebabs or warm up again in the sauna.

Even one day of such a “separation” from the city, the hustle and bustle, problems will benefit both health (both moral and physical), and for family relations. And to consolidate the result, we recommend that you often break out of the noisy city and spend the weekend together in the suburbs of Moscow.


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